AI Cameras

It's no longer science fiction.

The Future is Now!

  There are many cameras out in the marketplace today. All Computer Needs always looks for the best product to serve our customers. That's why we attend trade shows such as ISC West and CES every year.  Through these shows, we found AI is now deployed into camera systems. The benefits are numerous as you can guess. 
From Facial recognition in-depth analysis of areas. Let our sales team show how these AI Solutions can revolutionize how we help secure what matters to you. Benefits to AI Camera system:      
1.Advance technology allowing for quick automation of different processes time saving technology.
2. In some cases, no NVR is required. 
3.Multiple ways to share the information.
4.Standard Operating Procedures: Can be set up to respond automatically to threats and incidents.

IP Cameras

What is an IP Camera

  What is an IP camera solution? IP stands for Internet Protocol, basically it is how the camera relays its footage back to the NVR otherwise known as your Network Video Recorder.  Most installers prefer these cameras for multiple reasons over the traditional TVI system. Benefits to IP cameras over TVI One cable provides power and connectivity back to the NVR The cabling can be extended easier The same cable can be used to get audio from camera if the camera is equipped with that feature.